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About Prime Safety


Prime Safety emphasizes its main business in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Consulting, Training, Employment, and Equipment Supply.


Prime Safety, safety at its best


“To develop sustainable prime training and prime consultation to increase QHSE Professional Human Resources with high capabilities in Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental through continuous educational and training system'.


Prime quality is the base of our objectives in providing QHSE service professionally to our customers'

Foreword from the Director


Most executives have a well defined objective in mind: “we intend to do business in Indonesia” and surely do not expect to encounter problems or endure losses due to safety matters.

Facts show that many workers are sustaining grave injuries or even losing their lives as a result of accident or illness related to their work every day. These people left families and co-workers behind, thus also put work behind schedule. The single most common cause of such disaster is complacency an attitude that “accident won’t happen to me”.

Too often individuals and companies become complacent when it comes to safety. Managers are satisfied with mediocre safety performance and do not work to improve the environment through raising safety awareness and eliminating the potential for injury. Employees become content, and are not sufficiently attentive to their work environments. They begin to think they are not responsible for their own safety. Over time, an entire organization devotes little importance to safety issues.

One result is that employees begin to rush through their duties and take shortcuts on the job. They are more focused on production and getting the job done than getting it done safety. The number of injuries increases and the type of injury becomes more severe. Everyone becomes frustrated. Employee blame management blames employee – yet no one is willing to take any action to improve the situation. Unfortunately, it often takes a fatal injury for everyone to sharpen their focus on safety. Don’t let this happen to your organization!

Recognizing the need to provide proper corporate HSE, put in place and shaped through up-to-date training, a safety management system and appropriate safety equipment, we of PRIME SAFETY are here to serve your contemporary and future QHSE needs.

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